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By bike

When you travel from Hanko to Bengtskär and Rosala, you can take your bicycle with you if you reserve the places in advance. It's also possible to experience the Coastal Route with a rental bicycle, leaving the bike to Hanko and renting a new in Rosala. For more information on rental bicycles, contact Carfield.

Boat trip from Bengtskär to Rosala

  • Duration around 50 minutes - 1 h 15 minutes
  • Departure at 15.40
  • Departure port Bengtskär
  • Weather reservation, strong wind and/or rough waves can cause changes in timetable, travel times, or prevent landing on Bengtskär altogether. We reserve right to all changes
  • The price includes boat trip Bengtskär-Rosala for a bicycle

Good to know

Boats can be fully booked, and the places for bicycles must be reserved in advance. Up to one bicycle per passenger, we don't carry just freight.

We recommend arriving at the pier in Bengtskär 15 minutes before departure.

Trips to Bengtskär are always weather dependent. Heavy seas caused by strong wind prevents landing on the island about twice a month in the summertime. We'll contact you if the boats from Rosala can't land on Bengtskär.

You can book the ticket from Hanko to Bengtskär for same day from Marine Lines, email myynti@marinelines.fi. Also the boat from Hanko has limited capacity.

Please, read also terms before making a reservation.

Sometimes asked

Boats. The boats to Rosala are water-bus type. Bicycles are transported on open deck.

Wind limit for landing on Bengtskär. Depending on wind and wave direction around 10 m/s wind and/or 1.5 m significant wave height on Northern Baltic Proper. The limits on the more open route from Hanko can differ. Forecasts: for example fmi.fi, yr.no


15.40 Bengtskär-Rosala, ca 50 min - 1 h 15 min