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Walk on deer paths under old pine trees and breath the clean and fresh sea air. The glimpses of the sea between the trees invites you to the shore, and to paddle out with a kayak or a canoe. Lie down in a small cottage on a rock and fall asleep to the sound of the wind and waves, wake up to bird song and a gorgeous sea view.

The small cottage in Sebbholmen has four separate beds. Additionally two people can sleep on the loft, which is accessed by a ladder. There is a shared barbecue area and an outdoor dry toilet in Sebbholmen. The EcoCamp's own seaside sauna is completed in the spring. Sauna shifts are subject to a fee, and booking will open later in the spring.

The reception is located in Rosala Viking Centre, and the cottage is available from 3.00 pm. Check-out is by 12.00 noon. If the reception is not open for your scheduled arrival time, please contact us in good time to agree on a different time. When you arrive, you can also inquire about the possibility of a shower or sauna shift in the Viking Village. These can be arranged if the sauna is warm and there are vacant shifts. Shower and sauna subject to a fee.

Sebbholmen EcoCamp is located on the beautiful Rosala island, right next to the Archipelago National Park and only a short walk away from the fishing village Rosala, founded in the Viking age. In Rosala Viking Centre you can enjoy breakfast, lunch and dinner during summer months. You can also explore the Viking village and exhibitions, and try different Viking activities. You can find information about services on the islands also in the village Walkabout brochure.

You can find the free-of-charge car ferry M/S Aurora's timetable here or information about guest mooring here. You are of course also welcome to arrive to Sebbholmen by bicycle and foot or paddling.