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Accommodation in Bengtskär lighthouse


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Bengtskär lighthouse

The tallest lighthouse in the Nordic countries and the most southern travel destination in Finland welcomes you to the outer archipelago! The lighthouse tower rises 52 meters above the sea level in the northern Baltic Sea. The Bengtskär island is part of the islands of Åboland, and the nearest village Rosala is located 15 kilometers north of Bengtskär.

The lighthouse was built in 1906, and its massive stone walls have witnessed some of the most dramatic events in Finland’s history. On climbing the tower and reaching the top, you’re awarded with a stunning view of the sea. You can explore the lighthouse keeper’s life in bygone days, the battle of Bengtskär and archipelago nature at the exhibitions on the lower floors. In the spring, guests can watch hundreds of birds nest on the island and in late summer on cloudless nights admire the gorgeous starry skies and the Milky Way. Guests staying overnight will enjoy the leisurely evening, the delicious food and the gentle steam of the sauna.

Full board

The full board includes a return boat trip with other travelers from Kimitoön, guiding, meals, accommodation in the lighthouse in a private room and evening sauna.

You can stay in Bengtskär on the weekends in May and September, and during summer also on weekdays. For groups, the hotel is also open on weekdays in May and September.


All the seven hotel rooms in Bengtskär lighthouse were previously part of the lighthouse keepers’ homes and have sea view. Six of the rooms are located on the third floor, and one is on the second floor next to the cafe. One of the rooms can accommodate up to five people, and two can accommodate up to four. The rest are suitable for up to three people. Each room has its own hour-long sauna shift. The rooms and sauna shifts are distributed at the lighthouse upon arrival.


The lighthouse is easy to get acquainted with on your own, but we recommend also taking part in the free introduction during your visit. Bengtskär's brief guiding of the lighthouse's history is held - weather permitting - outdoors.


The full board includes breakfast, dinner, lunch and afternoon coffee/tea. We can take notice of most of mild food allergies at the meals, if we get the diet information well in advance. For example fish, flour and dairy products are handled in the lighthouse's small kitchen daily, and completely fish-free, gluten-free or dairy-free cannot be guaranteed.

Meals are served with water. Soft drinks, wine, beer and cider can be bought at the lighthouse.

Boat trip

The boat departs in the morning from Kasnäs in the municipality of Kimitoön. You will receive a lock code for the free car park in Kasnäs after confirming your booking. During the summer season, the trip from Kasnäs includes a visit and lunch at Rosala Viking Centre. Alternatively the guests can begin their journey from Rosala island.

In May and September the boat departs from Kasnäs at 11.00 and on return day from Bengtskär at 15.15. In June-August the boat departs from Kasnäs at 10.30, the trip continues from Rosala at 12.50 and the return transport leaves Bengtskär at 15.40. Changes are possible.

Weather reservation

Heavy seas caused by strong wind prevents landing on the island about 2-5 times a month. We try to inform our guests about cancellation the day before the trip, but sometimes this is not possible as the weather may not always be consistent with forecasts. The weather at sea can cause changes to the timetable and itinerary. Sometimes, for example, a visit to the Viking Centre may be missed, or included in the trip on both the day of departure and return. In the early season also ice may prevent traffic to Bengtskär. For safety reasons we reserve the right to changes.

Limits for landing on Bengtskär are depending on wind and wave direction around 10 m/s wind and/or 1.5 m significant wave height on Northern Baltic Proper. Forecasts: for example fmi.fiyr.no.


The price of full board in 2024 May-September is 253,00-395,00 euros / person depending on on the date, weekday and the number of people in the room. Changes are possible.


An accommodation inquiry for Bengtskär lighthouse hotel via the online store does not bind you to anything.

First select the number of people in the room, and then the date from the calendar. Press the Inquire button to move your inquiry to the shopping cart.

There are seven rooms, and the inquiries are handled on room-by-room basis. So, for example, if you make an inquiry to four people, they will all be placed in the same room. If you would like to book two double rooms instead, first add an inquiry to two people to the shopping cart and then make another inquiry for two people.

When all the inquiries and bookings you wish to make are in the shopping cart, press the Preliminary booking button to fill in your email address and postal code. Press Continue, and fill in the rest of your contact information. You can write any additional information, questions and wishes on Additional info field. Send your inquiry to us by pressing the Preliminary booking button.

You can of course make the inquiry also by email or by phone.


We respond to all inquiries as soon as possible. In the same email, you will receive the trip information, terms of cancellation and instructions for confirming the preliminary booking. The preliminary booking will be cancelled if it has not been confirmed by the due date.

Bookings for future seasons are preliminary and can be confirmed once the lighthouse and boat companies have decided the prices and schedules for that season. We can usually send the information to those who have made a preliminary reservation in the winter or spring before the trip.


If you wish to cancel or transfer your booking, please contact our office as soon as possible. The booking for one or two rooms can be cancelled or transfered up to 8 days before arrival at no cost (3-7 rooms 15 days). We send a response to all cancellations within our office hours. Please check your spam or junk mail folder and contact us if you haven't received our response. If you fail to show up at the appointed time without canceling, we will charge the full price of the order.


If the date you want is already fully booked, you can join the queue for the lighthouse hotel.

You can even sign up for the queue by sending us an email. Please indicate in the message the dates you want to queue and the number of people and rooms. If you have an accommodation gift card, please also indicate its number.