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Archipelago Camp School

Experience an adventure in the archipelago! Ask for a quote, and we'll tailor a program that's right for your school class.

The time and programs you choose are wishes, and you can state additional wishes and other information in the Additional information field of the shopping basket. The request for a quote is only an inquiry and does not create any reservations.

Below is an example of a week's camp school program. In the example, all accommodations are booked in the Chieftain's hall Rodeborg in Rosala Viking Centre, but overnight stays can also be booked at other locations.

Program in Kasnäs
Visit to the village of Hiittinen
Rosala Viking Centre, accommodation

Program at the Viking Centre

Visit to Högsåra pilot village
Visit to Bengtskär lighthouse

Visit Örö fortress island

Sailing to Kasnäs.

Activities and experiences in Kimitoön

A day as a Viking (Rosala)

Making of Viking jewelry (Rosala)

Viking pentathlon (Rosala)

Viking triathlon (Rosala)

The seafaring Vikings (Rosala)

Archaeological field survey (Rosala)

Bengtskär lighthouse

Introduction to the special nature of the Archipelago Sea (Kasnäs)

Sensing the nature (Kasnäs)

Swimming in the spa (Kasnäs)

Minigolf (Kasnäs)

Hitis village, church and the village shop

Högsåra village, pilot museum and Farmors Café

Örö fortress island

Sailing on yacht Eugenia

Söderlångvik Manor (Dragsfjärd)

Dalsbruks Ironworksmuseum

Sagalund museum (Kemiö)