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Ordering online

The easiest and fastest way to book is through the online store. Our store works like most other online stores. You can collect several reservations and products in the same shopping cart, and finally pay for them in one payment. Below you will find a bit more detailed instructions for booking and ordering.

More detailed instructions

Open the desired item by clicking on its name or image, and read the description, terms and conditions. The online store may contain products and services from various merchants. You will find the merchant's contact information and a link to the merchant's terms and conditions in the product or service information.

When booking for example an excursion or accommodation, first select the number of people and then the date from the calendar. The days when there is still room for that number of people are shown in green on the calendar. Press the Reserve button to add your booking to the basket.

When you want to buy products such as a gift card or books, first select the number of items you want. Then press the Buy button to add the product to the basket.

When all the reservations and products you want are in the shopping cart, go to complete the order by clicking the basket and then the Checkout button. If one of the reservations in the basket is preliminary, you can move on to checkout by pressing the Preliminary booking button.

The information for the buyer is filled in in two steps: first email address and postal code, then after pressing the Continue button, name, address, phone number and any additional information. At this point, you can still remove reservations and products from the shopping cart.

Select the payment method, and press the Order button to pay for your order with the payment method you have selected. If your order contains a preliminary booking, all bookings and purchases for that order will be processed as preliminary and no payment method will be selected.

Once the order has been paid, you will receive confirmation emails from the online store. For pre-orders, we will get back to you via email during our office hours.

Ordering by email or phone

We respond to email and phone during our office hours. The online store is our booking system. In order for us to make a reservation for you, we need your name, address, telephone number and email address. After ordering, you will receive an email with a link to the online store's shopping cart, where you can confirm your order by paying it.