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Rosala Viking Centre info@rosala.fi +358 40 218 2960 Company id: 2167549-6 Merchant terms

We feast with Viking dinner on certain nights during the summer, welcome to join us! You can book a plate for one, or for family and friends too - there's room for up to 80 people.

The dinner menu is Valkyria’s Delicacies (à 31,00), Gifts of the Sea God (à 36,00) or Chieftain’s Celebration (à 48,00). The menus may have some variations so they're not exactly the same every day, but the amount of dishes and the price will be the same. Please, contact us if you wish to change the menu - it's possible in July if there are no other reservations yet for the same evening. On Sat 26 August special menu for the Night of the Ancient Fires, and on Sat 17 December Yule Dinner.

The dinner is subject to availability. Please, reserve in advance.

We can take notice of most of food allergies at the dinner, as long as we get the information in advance. All food is low on lactose. You can write the diets on Additional information under Customer details at checkout.

The Viking Centre serves soft drinks, beer, cider, long drinks and wines. The cost of drinks is not included, with the exception of still water (and the welcoming toast in the Chieftain’s Celebration menu).

Viking Centre is located on the beautiful Rosala island. You can find the car ferry timetable here or information about guest mooring here.